The Beautiful Longhorn Bees

Longhorn bees are amazing little bees, and they sure are beautiful! Our world is lovely to have something so small to be so beautiful 💖. These bees belong to the genus melissodes, and they love sunflowers 🌻. Longhorn bees enjoy eating sunflowers, and they also sleep on them too!

A male longhorn bee resting on a sunflowerThe longhorn bees get their name from the male bees due to their long antennae. The males also have yellow/green eyes that are stunning!

Male longhorn bees enjoy sleeping in clusters on flowers at night, and during the day, they look for a mate. 

These bees are also quite small and range between 1/3" and 1/2" in length, making them extra cute 😊.

The female longhorn bees have shorter antennae and magnificent blue eyes! The blue eyes are quite astonishing to see, and they go well with lovely yellow sunflowers 😍.

 These bees are an incredible insect in with all the other bees, and they do a great job pollinating flowers in the aster family. If you live in North America and you have sunflowers blooming, if you check the flowers early in the morning, you may find some of these lovely little bees snuggled up nicely for you to admire 😊.


A beautiful female longhorn bee on a sunflower with gorgeous blue eyes